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Power Driver Module
item #:  ELSOSDM950

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Power Driver - Pick and Hold Module

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High Performance Pick and Hold Solenoid Driver Module is designed to avoid over heating of the solenoid coil once it is energized. It is done by applying an initial higher voltage to the solenoid coil to provide the necessary force (torque) to pull the plunger in. Then, when seated, drops the voltage down to a level sufficient enough to maintain the plunger in the seated position.

The pick time and hold voltage are variable and set using the onboard potentiometers.

This product is RoHS complaint.

Performance Specifications
Parameter Min Typical Max Units
Supply Voltage 9   50 VDC
Peak Current     15 Amp
RMS Current     4 Amp
Command Range 3   50 VDC
Operating Temperature 0   50 Deg C
Heat Sink Temperature 0   75 Deg C
Storage Temperature -40   125 Deg C
PWM Frequency   2.0   KHz
Performance Table
Input Signal Pick Voltage Pick Time Hold Voltage Hold Time
Pulse, 3-50 VDC Equal to Power Supply Voltage Variable, Set by a Trim Pot, 0 to 2,000 mS Variable, Set by a Trim Pot, 0 to 100% of supply voltage Indefinite


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