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Pick & Drop Timer Driver Module
item #:  ELSOPDM950

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Power Driver - Pick and Drop Module

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The Pick and Drop Driver Module; PDM950, applies a single pulse to the solenoid or electromagnet, then drops the supply voltage to zero. This is done by applying a signal to the trigger input of the module.

The trigger voltage could be a TTL / CMOS compatible signal or any voltage between 2.5 VDC and the DC power source supply voltage. The pick time is set using an onboard potentiometer and can be adjusted between 2 milliseconds and one minute.

This product is RoHS complaint.

Performance Specifications
Parameter Min Typical Max Units
Supply Voltage (Vcc) 9   50 VDC
Peak Current     15 Amp
RMS Current   4   Amp
Command Range 2.5   Vcc VDC
Operating Temperature 0   50 Deg C
Storage Temperature -40   125 Deg C


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