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Magnet Wire, AWG 31H, (155ºC)
item #: MW310HPNRD

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Unit Price:   
1-4 Lbs (0.45 Kg): $66.37   
5-9 Lbs (0.45 Kg): $62.58   
10-24 Lbs (0.45 Kg): $57.31   
25-49 Lbs (0.45 Kg): $52.54   
50-99 Lbs (0.45 Kg): $46.78   
Prices for larger quantities may be obtained by contacting us or by clicking the RFQ below.  
OEM quantities, more than 100 units or special instructions:

Special Comments

If ordering more than one unit (generally more than one Lb), please indicate in the above box marked "Special Comments" if the wire should be shipped on individual one Lb spools or as bulk, otherwise we may ship what is more readily available in stock.

Magnet wires are available in different shades of the specified color. The actual shade of color may be different from the picture shown.

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Magnet Wire, Heavy Poly Nylon (HPN),
Color: Red
Minimum Rating: Class (155ºC), AWG 31
Approximate length: 3,892 feet per pound
**Quantities in the pricing structure reflect pounds (0.45 Kg))
Spools of this magnet wire are available in different sizes and weights (fraction of a pound or larger that one pound). Please contact us with your weight requirements for details.

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